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The reference number that has been bandied around as common knowledge is that the average sugar intake per person in the Standard American Diet “SAD” (interesting acronym, don’t you think?) is 150 lbs per person, per year. Putting that into terms that you may be better able to relate to…well, lets do the numbers (rounded for convenience):

150 lbs per year / 365 days per year = .41 lbs per day (that doesn’t seem so like such a big deal!)

454 grams per lb X .41 lbs per day = 186 grams per day  (Hummm…can’t really relate to that!)

186 grams per day / 4 grams per teaspoon (according to a 2013 posting by Diane Rellinger, Michigan State University Extension) = 47 teaspoons per day (yo!)

Unless you are a cell physiology aficionado  you may not know that high sugar consumption (which causes increase in free radical production) is a “disrupter” to normal cell physiological function that cause mitochondrial damage…messing with energy production at the cellular level…shifting the mechanism for energy production within the cell from aerobic (with Oxygen) to anaerobic (without Oxygen)

Cancer cells are “obligate glucose metabolizers” that thrives on sugar…sugar is the fuel for cancer cells! Starting to see the connection?

Trivia: Relative to the Sugar-Stupid-Cancer connection, what words of wisdom have John Wayne, Bill Murray and Tom Hanks’ Forrest Gump character been attributed with having said?

John Wayne: “Life is hard;  it’s harder if you’re stupid.”

Bill Murray: “It’s hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it’s damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person.”

Forrest Gump: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Moral to the story (at the expense of appearing insensitive, arrogant and condescending)…isn’t it stupid to eat so much sugar?

Best in health!



ImageSince the release of her book, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder, Arianna Huffington has been touting the virtues of “Well-being” as the third metric of success! Her epiphany in 2007 was the result of her misguided perception… “I think I was under the collective delusion that burnout is necessary for success… I collapsed from burnout, exhaustion, and sleep deprivation. I hit my head on my desk on the way down, broke my cheekbone, and got four stitches on my right eye…

…by any sane definition of success,
if you are lying in a pool of blood
on the floor of your office, you are not successful!”

Congratulations Arianna, on connecting-the-dots! The issues that confronted Arianna (apparently in a state denial at the time) in her stress-intensive pursuit of fame, money & power are the same that currently exists for all executives on the corporate fast-track as well as entrepreneur’s obsessed with the pursuit of material wealth, all of which being supported by a culture with a warped perspective where “profits” are more important than “people”. Stress (mental, emotional, physical as well as financial and relationship) is the number one risk factor for all chronic degenerative disease and most metal illness – one of the fastest growing health challenges in America – with no medical cure in sight for the neuro-chemical imbalances created by chronic stress & other lifestyle issues!

So the practical question remains…can you have it all without selling your soul to the devil to achieve it? In a culture that defines success in terms of “money” & “power” where the bar defining success has been raised so high, is it possible to achieve or create wealth, if you are starting from ground level zero, without becoming totally obsessed & consumed by the mission? And, can you do so while maintaining spiritual, metal, emotional and physical health & healthy relationships? And if not, is it worth the price you will pay, or maybe have already paid, in terms of your mental, emotional and physical health, spiritual well-being & healthy relationships in both your personal and professional life? Food for thought.

Is there a greater wisdom in the Dali Lama’s observation “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers & lovers of all kinds.”

ImageSo is this what we (our health) have become? …the unfortunate but unavoidable “collateral damage” as the natural consequence of the financial (banking & insurance)-military-industrial (food manufacturing, drug manufacturing & healthcare delivery machine) complex continues to devour the landscape to satisfy its unrelenting appetite for the holy grail of corporate America…profit!  

One more time…on May 8, Vermont passed the first no-strings-attached GMO labeling law. The law will require food manufacturers to label genetically engineered (GE) foods sold in Vermont, and prohibits them from labeling foods with GE ingredients as “natural” or “all natural.” 

The following day, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) confirmed it will sue the state to get the law overturned…oh my, what a surprise!The GMA, whose 300-plus members include Monsanto and Dow, Coca-Cola and General Mills, is pushing a bill in Congress that would preempt all states from passing GMO labeling laws.4 [Editor’s note: The “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014,”5 dubbed “DARK” (Denying Americans the right to know) Act.]

Apparently, this is the second time in mere months that the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) is suing a state for the right to keep consumers in the dark. So far, between 2012 and 2014, the GMA have successfully blocked GMO labeling legislation in over 30 states, at a price tag of more than $100 million, paid for by its members.

The Mercola website is advocating “boycott” of the giant corporate brands that have acquired & now own certain organic brands. Presents an interesting “Catch-22” for you & me at one level…if we want to continue to consume healthy “organic” (and are not aware of who owns these brands) inadvertently we end up buying from the “enemy” thereby continuing to contribute to their growth, expansion…see where this is going?

The real value of Dr. Mercola’s work – thank you Dr. Mercola – is for helping us stay better informed…so that we may make more healthy/intelligent choices for our self & our loved ones in a rapidly changing world.

Source: article summary “Why You’ll Want to Put These 28 Organic Brands on Your Black List” from May 27, 2014.…serving humanity thru love & understanding


This “Policy Analysis” No. 745 released by the CATO Institute out of Washington, D.C. …the highbrow “public policy research organization — a think tank – dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace” summarized that with the role out of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) you may be affected in the following ways:
1. If you were/are happy with your current health insurance you may not be able to keep it.
2. You may find it difficult to keep your current doctor unless you are willing to pay more.
3. You may find yourself paying higher premiums or facing higher out-of-pocket expenses.
4. You may still be one of the many uninsured
5. The serious economic consequences of this law will likely lead to loss of jobs and slower economic growth.

The analysis executive summary concluded that “In short…the law’s problems go far beyond a failed website…Obamacare has created far more problems that it solved.”
Moral to the story…if you were/are relying on the government to get you healthy and keep you healthy, now or in the future…forget about it! Did you really think that the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act initiative was about benefiting you and creating a healthier America? …isn’t it amazing how those word paint a certain picture in your mind to create a perception that is not in alignment with the truth about what the law was really intended to accomplish!   If you genuinely desire to help create a healthier America…begin with creating a pain-free, disease-free and medication-free life for yourself & your loved ones based upon principles and practices that are in alignment with how your body works as nature intended. Go for what we, in Southern California, call the whole enchilada…mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being! You deserve it all…no one can give it to you…you have to create it for yourself! Then check out “Position Paper #1: Health Care Reform…” for a novel approach and some ideas/initiatives that we could implement to create a “Wellness Culture” in America.

Best in Health!

ImageThis is the cover & cover story that appears in the Spring 2014 “Harvard Public Health” Journal published by the Harvard School of Public Health. Way to go Harvard…you connected the dots! It appears that the since the passage of  “Obamacare” or more accurately the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” – gives one that warm, fuzzy and taken care of feeling…also wonder about the term “affordable”…nice word-smithing – the ongoing worsening health crisis in America has become a lackluster conversation piece.

Failing Economy –> greater financial hardship for the 99% — > greater mental and emotional stress (#1 risk factor for all the chronic degenerative diseases) — > more illness & disease!

Unfortunately, our Public Health Policy machine in the U.S. got no real clout/power beyond good intention and “sound-good” rhetoric in the face of the Financial-Military-Industrial Complex that heavily influences most, if not all, political, legislative and judicial outcomes in America for the ultimate benefit of the 1%.

Moral to the story: when it comes to your personal mental, emotional and physical health and well-being, Public Health Policy – in the absence of Personal Responsibility & Discipline (ouch…that stung!) – will not get or keep you healthy. Learn more…Position Paper #1: Health Care Reform…

P.S. I often wonder whether there might exist at some level an economic, moral & ideological conflict of interest between Harvard’s School of Medicine agenda (pharmaceutical disease management philosophy & training = ongoing sickness care) and School of Public Health (health advocates)!

Image Recently ran across this question posted by the American Public Health Association (APHA) group on linkedin…How can we rein in the growth in diabetes and pre-diabetes? Diabetes and pre-diabetes are on the rise among U.S. teens, according to a recent study. How can we rein in this growing problem? Diabetes on the Rise Among Teenagers

Could not help myself…success formula:

Wellness Leadership + Wellness Education = Wellness Culture –> Healthy Lifestyle

Actually, an obvious solution …create healthy environment and healthy options for our children. ..beginning in the home (educating parents), in the school districts (educating educators), in the local communities (educating community leaders), in our sickness-care, aka healthcare, model (educating health professionals on prevention & wellness instead of drugs & surgery), in our political system (educate political & legislative leaders ).  Now, this recipe for success would require a healthy dose of personal responsibility from the leadership in all these arenas in addressing the economic infrastructure (food industry, healthcare industry, big Pharma, just to name a few) that benefit$ from providing what we already know to be unhealthy options…hey, start with eliminating added sugar to all food!).  Now the real question is “whether we possess the testicular fortitude to do what we know in our hearts is the right/healthy thing to do?”  If you want more…check out my “Position Paper #1: Health Care Reform…Health Reform…Creating A Wellness Culture in America” that you can download for free at