Update…GMO labeling came up for vote again recently in California, the country’s agricultural powerhouse and most populous state. And once again (this is twice in two years now), lawmakers voted down the bill that would have mandated genetically engineered foods to be labeled. If both The New York Times poll conducted last year revealing that 93% of respondents want foods that contain GMOs to be labeled, and the 2010 survey conducted by The Washington Post finding that that 94% of people supported GMO labeling….where is the disconnect here? Could it be our that legislators are confused about where their loyalties should lie?
Could it perhaps have something to do with the fact that Monsanto and the “brotherhood” are willing to throw as much money as they can to defeat legislation that proposes mandatory GMO labeling? What do we find if we follow the money? Monsanto and the multibillion-dollar food manufacturers – Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) – that use its ingredients spent $46 million in 2012 to defeat the bill in California. And these anti-labeling behemoths spent $22 million last fall to defeat the GMO labeling bill in Washington. An unrelenting & unwavering dedication to the “holy grail” of corporate existence, greater and greater “profits”, trumps public health. Be aware that the GMO issue is merely one dimension of a much larger movement (if your have a sweet tooth I invite you to check out the new movie “Fed Up”) of a powerful profit-motivated consortium whose perverse agenda has no respect for nature or human life.

From Doug Hills “Laissez Faire Newsletter”, June 4, 2014… “For 20 years now, Americans have been the subjects of the largest uncontrolled nutrition science experiment in history. A great deal of evidence suggests that over time, virtually every one ofthe conditions described as “diseases of aging” or “diseases of civilization” is probably due to chronically elevated levels of whole-body inflammation. This inflammation manifests as familiar modern scourges: many forms of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, even a range of psychological disorders. The optimal diet to keep inflammation in check is similar to the one most Americans ate in the early 20th century. What we eat today, though, is radically different. The government, industry, and their lapdogs in the media would have you believe that having genetically modified organisms in the food supply is perfectly healthy.” Thank you Doug …Caveat Emptor!