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The secret to increasing productivity in the workplace…why employees aren’t performing at their peak potential?

from “Conversations with Enlightened Being”

When informed that he was focusing on the wrong end-game in his attempts to increase employee productivity in the workplace, the frustrated CEO stammered “What do you mean?” EB replied…”What is optimal performance and productivity really all about, at a fundamental level? Is it not merely the expression and natural consequence of where an individual is, during that time in their life, on his/her personal journey to reach their highest human potential – a direct reflection of their personal healing journey…and, the rate-limiting factor to a person reaching their highest human potential? Self-esteem! And what determines self-esteem… an individual’s “perception” of themselves! So if it is really fundamentally about “perception”…then, how do you raise an individual’s self-esteem? How do you change a person’s “perception” about him/herself? Answer…by mirroring back to him, in every human encounter in every situation, that he is more lovable than his perception of himself at that moment, and doing so on a consistent basis…especially during those less-than-admirable behavioral moments. So it is a simple matter of creating a ‘nurturing environment’ for your employees.”

Looking a little disoriented the CEO asked, “So why does that work?” …and EB continued ”Because it’s about Love and how the power and energy of Love – demonstrated as nurture, compassion, patience, tolerance, understanding, sensitivity, kindness and gentleness – causes shifts in how others “feel” about themselves in the presence of such an experience.” And in the absence of the experiential reality of having grown up in a nurturing environment, and in the absence of personally experiencing unconditional Love, the CEO struggled with the concept and went back to his old-paradigm leadership ways!”