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The reference number that has been bandied around as common knowledge is that the average sugar intake per person in the Standard American Diet “SAD” (interesting acronym, don’t you think?) is 150 lbs per person, per year. Putting that into terms that you may be better able to relate to…well, lets do the numbers (rounded for convenience):

150 lbs per year / 365 days per year = .41 lbs per day (that doesn’t seem so like such a big deal!)

454 grams per lb X .41 lbs per day = 186 grams per day  (Hummm…can’t really relate to that!)

186 grams per day / 4 grams per teaspoon (according to a 2013 posting by Diane Rellinger, Michigan State University Extension) = 47 teaspoons per day (yo!)

Unless you are a cell physiology aficionado  you may not know that high sugar consumption (which causes increase in free radical production) is a “disrupter” to normal cell physiological function that cause mitochondrial damage…messing with energy production at the cellular level…shifting the mechanism for energy production within the cell from aerobic (with Oxygen) to anaerobic (without Oxygen)

Cancer cells are “obligate glucose metabolizers” that thrives on sugar…sugar is the fuel for cancer cells! Starting to see the connection?

Trivia: Relative to the Sugar-Stupid-Cancer connection, what words of wisdom have John Wayne, Bill Murray and Tom Hanks’ Forrest Gump character been attributed with having said?

John Wayne: “Life is hard;  it’s harder if you’re stupid.”

Bill Murray: “It’s hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it’s damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person.”

Forrest Gump: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Moral to the story (at the expense of appearing insensitive, arrogant and condescending)…isn’t it stupid to eat so much sugar?

Best in health!



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The secret to increasing productivity in the workplace…why employees aren’t performing at their peak potential?

from “Conversations with Enlightened Being”

When informed that he was focusing on the wrong end-game in his attempts to increase employee productivity in the workplace, the frustrated CEO stammered “What do you mean?” EB replied…”What is optimal performance and productivity really all about, at a fundamental level? Is it not merely the expression and natural consequence of where an individual is, during that time in their life, on his/her personal journey to reach their highest human potential – a direct reflection of their personal healing journey…and, the rate-limiting factor to a person reaching their highest human potential? Self-esteem! And what determines self-esteem… an individual’s “perception” of themselves! So if it is really fundamentally about “perception”…then, how do you raise an individual’s self-esteem? How do you change a person’s “perception” about him/herself? Answer…by mirroring back to him, in every human encounter in every situation, that he is more lovable than his perception of himself at that moment, and doing so on a consistent basis…especially during those less-than-admirable behavioral moments. So it is a simple matter of creating a ‘nurturing environment’ for your employees.”

Looking a little disoriented the CEO asked, “So why does that work?” …and EB continued ”Because it’s about Love and how the power and energy of Love – demonstrated as nurture, compassion, patience, tolerance, understanding, sensitivity, kindness and gentleness – causes shifts in how others “feel” about themselves in the presence of such an experience.” And in the absence of the experiential reality of having grown up in a nurturing environment, and in the absence of personally experiencing unconditional Love, the CEO struggled with the concept and went back to his old-paradigm leadership ways!”

ImageSince the release of her book, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder, Arianna Huffington has been touting the virtues of “Well-being” as the third metric of success! Her epiphany in 2007 was the result of her misguided perception… “I think I was under the collective delusion that burnout is necessary for success… I collapsed from burnout, exhaustion, and sleep deprivation. I hit my head on my desk on the way down, broke my cheekbone, and got four stitches on my right eye…

…by any sane definition of success,
if you are lying in a pool of blood
on the floor of your office, you are not successful!”

Congratulations Arianna, on connecting-the-dots! The issues that confronted Arianna (apparently in a state denial at the time) in her stress-intensive pursuit of fame, money & power are the same that currently exists for all executives on the corporate fast-track as well as entrepreneur’s obsessed with the pursuit of material wealth, all of which being supported by a culture with a warped perspective where “profits” are more important than “people”. Stress (mental, emotional, physical as well as financial and relationship) is the number one risk factor for all chronic degenerative disease and most metal illness – one of the fastest growing health challenges in America – with no medical cure in sight for the neuro-chemical imbalances created by chronic stress & other lifestyle issues!

So the practical question remains…can you have it all without selling your soul to the devil to achieve it? In a culture that defines success in terms of “money” & “power” where the bar defining success has been raised so high, is it possible to achieve or create wealth, if you are starting from ground level zero, without becoming totally obsessed & consumed by the mission? And, can you do so while maintaining spiritual, metal, emotional and physical health & healthy relationships? And if not, is it worth the price you will pay, or maybe have already paid, in terms of your mental, emotional and physical health, spiritual well-being & healthy relationships in both your personal and professional life? Food for thought.

Is there a greater wisdom in the Dali Lama’s observation “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers & lovers of all kinds.”

Probably not much.  Why not?  This health care reform was designed and is being rolled out within the context of the existing “sickness care” paradigm mandating sickness care coverage that basically deals with the economic issues, not “what makes you sick to begin with & how to get healthy” issues.  We already know the track record of success with reversing and preventing chronic degenerative disease by the medical and pharmaceutical model practiced in the US. So if you are relying on the “new” system to get and keep you healthy…forget about it!  Time for you to become a full-fledged participatory member of the Wellness Revolution. Membership is free! You’ll love the benefits! For a more progressive approach check out Position Paper #1