Probably not much.  Why not?  This health care reform was designed and is being rolled out within the context of the existing “sickness care” paradigm mandating sickness care coverage that basically deals with the economic issues, not “what makes you sick to begin with & how to get healthy” issues.  We already know the track record of success with reversing and preventing chronic degenerative disease by the medical and pharmaceutical model practiced in the US. So if you are relying on the “new” system to get and keep you healthy…forget about it!  Time for you to become a full-fledged participatory member of the Wellness Revolution. Membership is free! You’ll love the benefits! For a more progressive approach check out Position Paper #1


“Employee engagement = commitment to organisation’s purpose and goals. Agree?”

Employee Engagement: What and Why – Forbes @ “What the heck is employee engagement anyway? Let’s start with what it’s not… Employee engagement does not mean employee happiness. Someone might be happy at work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are working hard,…”

You gotta love the “corporate lingo”.  “Employee engagement” (expressed and measured as “performance” and “productivity”) will emerge as a natural consequence of individual expression of human potential. So what is the rate limiting factor to an individual reaching their highest human potential? Self esteem…an individual’s perception of self. So then the challenge for leadership then becomes “how to increase self-esteem in the workplace?” The short answer – that eludes and perplexes many in business environments: create a nurturing environment that reflects back to the individual how valuable/lovable they are – more productive and cost-effective than the traditional “carrot” or “stick” management techniques & approaches. Dan Goleman was on the right track with “emotional intelligence”…just didn’t take it far enough into the realm of “healing” as a fundamental paradigm for optimizing human potential…that works both inside and that works both inside and outside the workplace.  It is ultimately always about the “people equation” & a deeper understanding of the human condition. Requires a paradigm shift to a higher level of consciousness…greater profits as a natural consequence of knowing how to appropriately nurture and love your employees in the context of the workplace…not historically the focus or domain of corporate management in America.

Ran across this headline & discussion question at Wellness 2.0 group on Linkedin

BOSTON, MA and WASHINGTON, DC and SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Jun 04, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Leading US organizations are turning to prevention-based employee health benefits to improve workforce health and reduce healthcare costs.

Food for thought! How would you expect most employers to understand employee-centric wellness when they have no experiential reality of wellness in their own personal lives? Not possible. At this point it just becomes an intellectual exercise. My experience working with executives over the past 25 years is that corporate leadership in America, as a collective group, have just as high, if not higher, incidence of all the chronic degenerative diseases that plague the general population due to greater stress (#1 risk factor)  & obesity (#2 risk factor) than the general population….definite sign that they just don’t get the importance and correlation between optimal health & optimal productivity.  Most corporate leaders lack the desire, awareness & understanding of how to create a wellness culture within the context of a business model – within which employee wellness initiatives stand the best chance of succeeding. The corporate mentality & paradigm that focuses on profits above all else does not possess the level of consciousness necessary that would allow them to create even greater profitability through employee wellness empowerment initiatives. Having shared my opinion, being a possibility thinker and an optimist…I still have hope & will continue to help those who are open and willing!

Recently ran across this question posted on the National Wellness Institute group on linkedin…

“What is cancer, and what are the best practices for cancer prevention?”

The bigger picture…looking deeper than treatment. Cancer is merely the expression in the physical body of chronic imbalances that exist in more than one of the following areas of one’s life: mental-emotional-physical-spiritual.  Physical & emotional imbalances being the most obvious. The nutritional (chemical) & environmental (chemical & non-chemical) factors (the enlightened Canadian physician Gabor Mate “You cannot separate the body from the mind or the individual from the environment.”) in combination with the unresolved emotional business from the past (…I like Norm Shealy’s term here instead of unresolved emotional pain from the past…I attended one of the Edgar Cayce seminars on “medical intuition” where Norm spoke quite eloquently about this issue) therefore should be addressed collectively. What typically gets overlooked, and is more challenging to address, in our current health care (“sickness-care”) paradigm even by many of my brethren in the alternative and holistic space is that there is always a correlation between unresolved emotional pain in an individual’s life (that creates the energetic imbalance within the body that affect cellular physiology) and the disease condition…physiology adapts to the environment (physical & non-physical).  I believe that one of the key factors for getting a handle on preventing & reversing cancer (since the body cures itself) is being able to shift our attention from blaming the medical paradigm for their focus and instead focus our attention on our own individual education, personal responsibility & discipline (personal empowerment) in the realm of creating healthy personal lifestyle.  If we are not sick we don’t need healthcare…allopathic or alternative!

Image Recently ran across this question posted by the American Public Health Association (APHA) group on linkedin…How can we rein in the growth in diabetes and pre-diabetes? Diabetes and pre-diabetes are on the rise among U.S. teens, according to a recent study. How can we rein in this growing problem? Diabetes on the Rise Among Teenagers

Could not help myself…success formula:

Wellness Leadership + Wellness Education = Wellness Culture –> Healthy Lifestyle

Actually, an obvious solution …create healthy environment and healthy options for our children. ..beginning in the home (educating parents), in the school districts (educating educators), in the local communities (educating community leaders), in our sickness-care, aka healthcare, model (educating health professionals on prevention & wellness instead of drugs & surgery), in our political system (educate political & legislative leaders ).  Now, this recipe for success would require a healthy dose of personal responsibility from the leadership in all these arenas in addressing the economic infrastructure (food industry, healthcare industry, big Pharma, just to name a few) that benefit$ from providing what we already know to be unhealthy options…hey, start with eliminating added sugar to all food!).  Now the real question is “whether we possess the testicular fortitude to do what we know in our hearts is the right/healthy thing to do?”  If you want more…check out my “Position Paper #1: Health Care Reform…Health Reform…Creating A Wellness Culture in America” that you can download for free at

IN THE NEWS: “The Supreme Court justices appeared sharply divided Wednesday over whether they would have to kill President Barack Obama’s landmark health care overhaul outright if they decree that the measure requiring individuals to have insurance or pay a penalty is unconstitutional.”   Well, I should hope so!  Are you aware…you are spending 75-80 cents of every dollar on sickness care to treat chronic degenerative conditions that cannot be “cured” or reversed, but only perpetuated, through drugs and surgery?  And, as a consumer, this is what you want more of?   If health and reduction in the incidence of disease is what we are after we are heading down the wrong path…this was confirmed by almost all of the keynote speakers at the recent 2012 Burrill Digital Healthcare meeting in San Francisco. Common consensus from the major corporate players with healthcare divisions, i.e. Qualcomm, IBM, etc. from their perspective as the digital information purveyors between healthcare and consumer “…trade in your doctor for an advisor” “…empower people with the ability & tools to self-diagnose”  “…our current healthcare delivery model is not $ustainable.” Paradigms shift…will you?

Healthcare reform hoopla is about to re-ignite. Don’t get distracted & sucked into the academic discourse around who pays for it. One way or another, utimately you pay!  If you really want to create optimal health (…looks like pain-free, disease-free and medication-free) you need to move beyond the healthcare delivery system for solutions to your health issue. But be advised, your personal journey of health EmPOWERment & being in charge of your own health destiny is not supported by the sickness care industry. More on that later. The real paradigm shift begins with in the grey matter between your ears. We are at the tipping point! Global Medicine Man is your “no spin zone” for issues related to your health, mental-emotional-spiritual,as well as physical (they are all related!). If you (or anyone you know) have reversed/cured themself from any of the chronic degenerative diseases, i.e. cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc…open invite to please share your story. GMM1