ImageThis is the cover & cover story that appears in the Spring 2014 “Harvard Public Health” Journal published by the Harvard School of Public Health. Way to go Harvard…you connected the dots! It appears that the since the passage of  “Obamacare” or more accurately the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” – gives one that warm, fuzzy and taken care of feeling…also wonder about the term “affordable”…nice word-smithing – the ongoing worsening health crisis in America has become a lackluster conversation piece.

Failing Economy –> greater financial hardship for the 99% — > greater mental and emotional stress (#1 risk factor for all the chronic degenerative diseases) — > more illness & disease!

Unfortunately, our Public Health Policy machine in the U.S. got no real clout/power beyond good intention and “sound-good” rhetoric in the face of the Financial-Military-Industrial Complex that heavily influences most, if not all, political, legislative and judicial outcomes in America for the ultimate benefit of the 1%.

Moral to the story: when it comes to your personal mental, emotional and physical health and well-being, Public Health Policy – in the absence of Personal Responsibility & Discipline (ouch…that stung!) – will not get or keep you healthy. Learn more…Position Paper #1: Health Care Reform…

P.S. I often wonder whether there might exist at some level an economic, moral & ideological conflict of interest between Harvard’s School of Medicine agenda (pharmaceutical disease management philosophy & training = ongoing sickness care) and School of Public Health (health advocates)!