Ran across this headline & discussion question at Wellness 2.0 group on Linkedin

BOSTON, MA and WASHINGTON, DC and SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Jun 04, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Leading US organizations are turning to prevention-based employee health benefits to improve workforce health and reduce healthcare costs.

Food for thought! How would you expect most employers to understand employee-centric wellness when they have no experiential reality of wellness in their own personal lives? Not possible. At this point it just becomes an intellectual exercise. My experience working with executives over the past 25 years is that corporate leadership in America, as a collective group, have just as high, if not higher, incidence of all the chronic degenerative diseases that plague the general population due to greater stress (#1 risk factor)  & obesity (#2 risk factor) than the general population….definite sign that they just don’t get the importance and correlation between optimal health & optimal productivity.  Most corporate leaders lack the desire, awareness & understanding of how to create a wellness culture within the context of a business model – within which employee wellness initiatives stand the best chance of succeeding. The corporate mentality & paradigm that focuses on profits above all else does not possess the level of consciousness necessary that would allow them to create even greater profitability through employee wellness empowerment initiatives. Having shared my opinion, being a possibility thinker and an optimist…I still have hope & will continue to help those who are open and willing!