Recently ran across this question posted on the National Wellness Institute group on linkedin…

“What is cancer, and what are the best practices for cancer prevention?”

The bigger picture…looking deeper than treatment. Cancer is merely the expression in the physical body of chronic imbalances that exist in more than one of the following areas of one’s life: mental-emotional-physical-spiritual.  Physical & emotional imbalances being the most obvious. The nutritional (chemical) & environmental (chemical & non-chemical) factors (the enlightened Canadian physician Gabor Mate “You cannot separate the body from the mind or the individual from the environment.”) in combination with the unresolved emotional business from the past (…I like Norm Shealy’s term here instead of unresolved emotional pain from the past…I attended one of the Edgar Cayce seminars on “medical intuition” where Norm spoke quite eloquently about this issue) therefore should be addressed collectively. What typically gets overlooked, and is more challenging to address, in our current health care (“sickness-care”) paradigm even by many of my brethren in the alternative and holistic space is that there is always a correlation between unresolved emotional pain in an individual’s life (that creates the energetic imbalance within the body that affect cellular physiology) and the disease condition…physiology adapts to the environment (physical & non-physical).  I believe that one of the key factors for getting a handle on preventing & reversing cancer (since the body cures itself) is being able to shift our attention from blaming the medical paradigm for their focus and instead focus our attention on our own individual education, personal responsibility & discipline (personal empowerment) in the realm of creating healthy personal lifestyle.  If we are not sick we don’t need healthcare…allopathic or alternative!