IN THE NEWS: “The Supreme Court justices appeared sharply divided Wednesday over whether they would have to kill President Barack Obama’s landmark health care overhaul outright if they decree that the measure requiring individuals to have insurance or pay a penalty is unconstitutional.”   Well, I should hope so!  Are you aware…you are spending 75-80 cents of every dollar on sickness care to treat chronic degenerative conditions that cannot be “cured” or reversed, but only perpetuated, through drugs and surgery?  And, as a consumer, this is what you want more of?   If health and reduction in the incidence of disease is what we are after we are heading down the wrong path…this was confirmed by almost all of the keynote speakers at the recent 2012 Burrill Digital Healthcare meeting in San Francisco. Common consensus from the major corporate players with healthcare divisions, i.e. Qualcomm, IBM, etc. from their perspective as the digital information purveyors between healthcare and consumer “…trade in your doctor for an advisor” “…empower people with the ability & tools to self-diagnose”  “…our current healthcare delivery model is not $ustainable.” Paradigms shift…will you?