Healthcare reform hoopla is about to re-ignite. Don’t get distracted & sucked into the academic discourse around who pays for it. One way or another, utimately you pay!  If you really want to create optimal health (…looks like pain-free, disease-free and medication-free) you need to move beyond the healthcare delivery system for solutions to your health issue. But be advised, your personal journey of health EmPOWERment & being in charge of your own health destiny is not supported by the sickness care industry. More on that later. The real paradigm shift begins with in the grey matter between your ears. We are at the tipping point! Global Medicine Man is your “no spin zone” for issues related to your health, mental-emotional-spiritual,as well as physical (they are all related!). If you (or anyone you know) have reversed/cured themself from any of the chronic degenerative diseases, i.e. cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc…open invite to please share your story. GMM1